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About Olivia...

Hey :)
What can I say about myself?
I enjoy drawing and painting, and spend a considerable amount of time gaming. My favorite game series being Sonic the Hedgehog.
I love cosplaying and make a lot of my own costumes, but despite this I actually hate sewing. The end product more than justifies the means though! My profile picture is the costume I made of Blaziken, my favorite Pokemon, and easily one of my better costumes.
I also enjoy writing, as you may well discover receiving a card from me...
Examples of all my creative activity, including comics I've written are on my Deviant Art which I have linked in my profile.
I can explain my username! Kenny is me, a nickname I received in drama class back in school as I always seemed to play the character that dies. Who's Jay? He's a ball jointed doll I own and adore.
I'm from England in the UK and I work in management in a bowling alley. It's fun!
I grew up in a house with lots of pets, but now I've moved into my own place, I just have 1. A little Guinea Pig called Toxsa.

Hope that's enough information to write about for now :D

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