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About Kelly...

I am a Primary School Teacher and I use some of the postcards that I am sent to help inspire kids to write.

*My postcards are on their way ever so slowly --> Report writing time and having gotten use to having my own class.

Some of my hobbies are reading, drawing and cooking <-- I love to cook. Darwin has the some of the best sunsets and is lovely place...bit wet at the moment though.

At the moment I am learning both French and Japanese :) So you can write in French or Japanese...I will use it for practice. Please feel free to write/draw on the back of the Postcards because that makes it all the more interesting :)

One day I would like to travel to different places across the world. Hopefully I will make Europe this year but New Zealand is next year.

Cheers :)

P.S I will welcome any Postcard. Seriously it can be weird, quirky, Historical, funny...I like pretty pictures so scenery is fine.

P.P.S I wouldn't mind staying in touch with other primary/elementary teachers on here as well so that if every need to bounce ideas off of someone.