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About Mila...

⚠️ Due to Canada Post performing rotating strikes around the country don’t be alarmed if your postcard travels a very long time! Since it’s November I would be very happy to receive cards depicting Mawlid or Armistice, since my grandfather served in WWII this is very meaningful for me. 🥀

⚠️ Please don’t send me any Xmas cards. I don’t celebrate that and it’s a time of year where I can get very depressed, thank you.

Hello everyone! My name is Jamila (Жамийла, جميلة, Džemila) or preferably just Mila for short & I’m living the dream in the capital! It’s my grandma Gertrude who actually started my postcard obsession by giving me her large collection of postcards that she began in the 1950s. Sadly she passed away in March & I’ve been lost without her. I'm open-minded & have a good sense of humor & would like some snail mail penfriends who share the same traits.

In my spare time I love writing & I am the proud author of two published books including "Don't Let Me Go" that’s on sale for only $2.99 right now! For me publishing a book was a dream come true! I'm also a human rights student & after I graduate I want to prosecute war criminals & follow in the footsteps of my grandfather who served in both WWII & Korea...

You are free to send any card you want, I'm much more interested in what you have to say on the back than what's on the front but if you want to make me extra happy, I especially love historical cards from the 1910-1950 era like the Titanic, WWI & WWII, the Soviet Union, fashion, cars, etc. but I'll be glad with a lot of text. Please say more than that you live in a beautiful historical place! I know you do, so do I! After 150+ cards I’m pretty tired of hearing the same old thing time after time about where you live or where you work. We both know you can do better than that! 😜

I only ask that you send a real postcard so no handmade stuff or other greeting cards please. If you have one of the “Russian Criminal Tattoo” cards I’d love to get one! If you can also scan the card I'd be happy!

Feel free to ask me about my life or my country & I will answer when I register your card. Envelopes are your choice, I don't mind either way. You can write about anything you want but if you need ideas try responding to one of the following:

● Who’s your favourite soap opera villain?
● Who’s your celebrity crush?
● Do you have any tattoos? If so, what do they mean?
● How do you say one compliment & one insult in your language?
● What's your favorite quote?
● What’s on the cover of your local newspaper this week?
● Do you know any Canadian stereotypes?

I know this might be an odd place to ask but I’ve come up dry everywhere else… I’m looking for information on the Soldiers Cemetery in Prabuty, Poland (formerly Riesenburg, East Prussia prior to 1945) because I have reason to believe that one of my grandfather’s comrades is buried there, however I don’t really have any other information.

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