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About Катя...

Sorry for my BAAAD English, i use à translator...
I'm Kate. I live in Moscow (Russia).For a year I eat only the species of human food-fruit))) it's a buzz))) So cards with any fruit will be especially happy!)))
I like funny and unusual postcards
and postcards depicting lions
dacha, summer cottage, summer house
and "Anarkistisista mummot korteistaan» Inge Löök
cards from Inge Löök
Frida Kahlo
Patti Smith
Tilda Swinton
Ellen Lee DeGeneres
photographs, especially Annie Leibovitz
holidays, happy birthday ( January 19)
Marilyn Manson ( for my son ))
minipig (for my son)
sea (for my mom)
sneakers converse
portraits of actors and singers
the Moomins
claw foot bath
the Simpsons
husky dog
motor home
postcards in Polaroid-Style
animal sloth`s
people with tattoos
flags of countries
cards with personal pictures (homemade)
exotic fruit
rilakkuma bear
Beavis and Butthead
cartoon : "adventure Time", "Courage the cowardly dog"
advertising card
Keep calm and...
agit-cards against Smoking and drinking
everything connected with Japan (hikikomori, anime,kawaii)
everything connected with Ireland
When you like you can send me the Card in a Envelope.
please write something in your native language! I would love to see it
TV Shows "Better call Saul" and "Breaking Bad", "Game of thrones", "Mr. Robot", "Bron/Broen", "Orphan Black"
I am interested in collecting stamps,tickets(film.concert...) handwritten poetry and newspapers!
If you put one or two into the envelop ,l would be grateful!
If not difficult to write to dates for on a postcard.
I like beautiful stamp.
fridge magnets and stickers !!!!!!!)))))
I shall be very grateful if you help to top up my collection, and
send coin or banknote from your country.
If you would like to add why you chose this card, what your plans for the day are, or what makes you happy, it would be grand.
I'm also a big fan of STAMPS, so if you have a chance to put some interesting stamps on a postcard, I would be very happy!
Share your favorite accounts on instagram and YouTube!
Do You like to live in Your country or what country You would like to move?
Write as usually takes Your weekday

But if you send me a photo of yourself (your family) or your house where you live -I'll be really happy! Really want to leave a souvenir photo of postcrossers who fell out my address)))

Please, if I didn't upload a picture of the postcard I sent you, pretty please upload one. Thank you.
In my favourites you can see cards I'd like to get. If you don't know what to send me, maybe you can find there a card for me.
Cards in my favourites show those I have not received yet but would love to :)
My address:
Ekaterina Romanova
ul. Marshal Golovanov,
d. 1, kv.586

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