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About Karolina...

Hello everyone! :)
I'm pleased that I had possibility to join such fantastic idea as is postcrossing :D
My name is Karolina and come from Poland. I love to read a book, especially Polish fantasty and British literature. I also like write something, but it always ended in drawer ;) As a typical bookworm I collect bookmark, I would be very excited if I could get one :) Thank you :)
I'm joyful from each postcard, you can write whatever you want, but I will be really happy, if you could write name of your favourite song or book :)

What kind of postcard I would like to get:
- books
- fantasy ( but not anime and manga)
- animals ( especially dog, lion and hamster :D, but please not cat)
- Harry Potter
- architecture
- vintage
- alcohol
- funny
- map
- Salvador Dali
- food
- Keep calm postcard
- True Blood
- Supernatural :D
- Adventure Time :D

Please, do not write only: 'Happy Postcrossing' and do not send me anything connected with religion.

If it is not a problem I would like to get card in an envelope.
If you would like to keep contact with me feel free to write to me :)

Expired cards:

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2013: (5)
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2014: (...)
PL-812830 - xuewen (China)
PL-850934 - Quintt (Australia)

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