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About Gabrielė...

Hi :)
I am Gabrielė from Lithuania, Vilnius city. I study Creativity Communication and hope to become not just person with profession, but lovely wife or great mother with my own attitude to life. People say that I'm a dreamer. Well, I don't worry about that. We can dream together.;}
I play the flute and used to sing in choir for 11 years. Now I'm done with it, but still love singing (check it out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qxJE0zAox0E ; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kl4miki_5i0 and there is remix of this song here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3pTdBSir2M). Also I love writing... songs, poetry, letters... anything. Another one of my hobbies is travelling. I like to send postcards for my friends from every country that I visit.

I am crazy about postcards like these:
-retro, vintage or black&white, old advertisements;
-F. Sinatra, E. Fitzgerald, M. Monroe, A. Hepburn, The Beatles;
-Lindy hop, ballet dancers;
-cards with traceries;
-anything in siurrealism style (Ryohei Hase (Japan), Rene Magritte (Belgia), Salvador Dali (Spain), Navitrolla (Estonia));
-notes, music instruments.

I entrust destiny with many things in life, so it would be great to get a postcard with clovers, like a symbol of luck. :)
Also I like handmade cards, because usually they are the warmest cards in the world.:))

There is only one thing I DON'T LIKE. It's cards with photos of pets.

However the most important thing for me is the text inside. It would be great to hear about traditions or legends of your country!!! Don't know any legends? Then write something unusual. Just write as much, as you can. Postcrossing is my way of learning English.:)

Already champing! ;>


P.S. Please, write a date of sending on the postcard.

If you're interested in my country:

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