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About Natalie...

Hello, we are postcard fanatics! I decided to give our 4 & 1/2 year old a tour of the world through postcards (she is now age 11). I call it "Teachable Moments from around the Globe via Postcard". This all began when I bought her a toy globe from a local store and from there we began to point out where we live verses where our other family members live. After that she asked more questions and wanted to know what these places looked like so I asked for our friends and family to please send us postcards from where ever they live and from their travels. The postcards trickled in and so I began to use social networking sites such as this, Facebook and Blogspot to increase the reach of these teachable moments. Kyra will soon be turning 12 years old (April 13).

We are now avid postcard swappers and we also are happy to help teach others about where we live (Clover ,South Carolina USA). Its wonderful to see that the art of old fashioned handwriting is still a useful tool in this day and age. Thank you for helping our project reach far beyond a computer. We appreciate any and all postcards with a few written facts (if possible) about your location that we might not find in a book or on a computer.

We love all postcards but a few ideas for Postcards we enjoy most are:

- Girl Scouts or Girl Guides
- Traditional Clothing and or Foods
- Music you listen to
- Festivals
- Television characters
- State or national flags
- Map postcards
- Touristy postcards
- Lighthouses
- Landscapes/or collages
- Animals (Especially arctic foxes and Horses) / Zoo(s)
- College/university
- Hello Kitty, Pusheen cat, Charlie Brown and more

Above are a few things you can write to us about or mail us on the front (picture) of the postcard. [FEEL FREE TO SEND POSTCARD(s) IN AN ENVELOPE if you choose] Thank you.

Before ANY of our postcards expire we always resend a second postcard. If they do expire we find that it is often the recipient who just isn't online enough, or something of that nature. We take great pride to ensure our postcards make it to each one of you.

We welcome you to visit our website http://teachablemomentsfromaroundtheglobe.blogspot.com/

and our facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=116976351655247&ref=ts

We Are Finally Going International and traveling in 2020 we have planned an educational tour and if your in any of the countries we would love to know what you think is best to visit, eat or try. We are traveling for 13 days from Germany, Italy, Switzerland to France (Paris). If you would like to help in any way visit our site https://personal.girltrips.eftours.com/secure/make-donation.aspx?poid=D327E366&utm_medium=web&utm_source=paxsecure&utm_campaign=fundraising

Thank you.