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About Jongjong...

Hi, I'm a 20 year-old girl who is a freshman in campus. I live in Shanghai, China. I'd like to recieve cards from u;)

I wonder if u have any cards about:

sakura(or any beautiful flowers with romantic sights)
old castles
Vivien Leigh
Audrey Hepburn
historical personage(like Winston Churchill, queen Victoria,etc.)
scenery of ur hometown
any cards from Thailand(I really like Thailand:)
GOTOCHI(or any odd-shape postcard:)
any cute animals
Korean band: bigbang
EXO(prefer Kris)
Wallace Chung(Chinese actor)
any cards source of life
traditonal things' cards
Three dimensional scene

if any cards about above-mentioned, i would be very happy to have. and also i'd like to recieve any kinds of cards from u ;) i do not like any ad cards except Card + Photography & Card + Illustration. That would be fine;) if the card with individual postage or postmark that would be great! also i hope the card without any envelope;) thanks

i really wonder & expect if u want swap with me. if u'd like to exchange any small things, i would be happy.

Hello Chris,
Thx so much ur prerry card. But u might give me the wrong ID. Plz check the ID again, and msg me the right ID:)

I am so sorry that system showed the ID you wrote on the pretty new year card was not founded. I like the card very much. Please check the ID again & plz send me a msg with ur right ID. Happy post corssing:D

hello Lina,
I just get ur beautiful card, but the system showed that the ID you wrote on the card was not founded. Plz check the ID again, & msg me the right ID:)

Hello a pretty "GRAND TETON NATIONAL PARK" card from TX, USA
U might forgot to write the ID on the card:D Plz msg me ur pretty card's ID:)

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