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About Joy...

Hi! Bonjour! 你好!

My name is Joy. I am a college freshman who majors in French. Thus, if you are a native French speaker, I will appreciate that you write the card in simple French. ☆However, please write each alphabet tidily and clearly so that I can understand the message better.☆

I live in the countryside and I grew up in nature. My home sits in the vast pastoral, overlooking the faraway green mountains. We can always hear birds sing in full song and thousands of insects play hide and seek on the meadow.

Music is an essential part of my life. Classical music especially fascinated me. When I was still under the stress of the exam, I indulged myself in the masterpieces by those great composers, which offer me an oasis to escape from the brutal reality. My favorite musician is Andreas Ottensamer, a principal clarinetist of Berlin Philharmonic from Austria.

Reading is also important to me. I read a wide range of books, from literature, history, news, geography to science, though I am not really good at figuring out it... Reading broadens my horizons with knowledge, enriching my life with unique ideas and concepts. My favorite books are the series of Mary Poppins, which are known to the public by the Disney movie. They teach me to be confident and not to lost the heart of a child.

In my opinion, the preference of postcard differs from age to age, so I am not going to make any request for the card. You can send me whatever you love as long as this card can be consider a representation of your country or your city. Though cards that are not from your country would be disappointing, I will definitely be happy to receive if you consider that I like it. However, please, there are something could be offensive: AD cards, porn cards, pop entertainers.

If you still have no idea what to send, here are some suggestions:

Something about your own culture, including the the traditional costumes or festivals etc.
Something related to classical music, including the composers, scores, instruments or concert halls
Some figures who represent your country
Natural/typical scenery of your land/island
Wild/special animal of you land/island


⭐️⭐️⭐️Please write more beautifully and tidily when you write ID.

⭐️⭐️ Please write the postcard ONLY in English, French or Chinese so that I can understand the message.

⭐️I am searching for some long-term pen pals, especially from French-speaking country. If you are also interested in it, please directly message me.

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