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About Jort_and_Timme...


We are two boys. Jort is 9 years old. Timme is 7 years old. They're both going to school.

Our town is in the middle of the Netherlands.

We love to play outside, or build with blocks, lego or other constructions. We try to build the buildings (like lighthouse, skycraper )from your postcards.

Do you have cards from construction workers or big verhicle like cars, trucks, motors, airplains, trains or boat/ship? Of postcards with sports? We really do like them.

We also love to know see something of your country on the postcard? Have you got a postcard of (famous) big buildings, animals, famous people of your country, landscape or flag of your country? We would love that. But we are so happy with any card we get.

When we receive a adress or postcard we look in the book of maps how far your country is from ours. Also we try to find some videos on YOUTUBE so we can learn something about your country.

Can you tell us something about children in your country. What kind of toys do the play with? Is there a playground near you? Are the going to school or home-school? Is there a famous children book of cartoon?
We're also very found of facts and numbers. For example, how many people their live in your country or how many lakes/riviers or how high the highest mountain.

greeting Jort en Timme (and their family)

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