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Hello from England! My name is Jess, I live in a little village in Nottinghamshire. My home is close to Sherwood Forest, which is famous for being the home of Robin Hood!

I have a dog and I love books, films and music and all sorts of crafts, from sewing to wood carving, I also like playing computer games, like The Sims. I'm a MASSIVE Harry Potter fan and my favourite animals are moose.

I look forward to getting postcards from everywhere and anywhere! Feel free to send me any type of card, I will love all of them! Just choose something you enjoy, and I'm sure I will enjoy it too. For me the best part is what is written on the back - the cards I like best have lots of writing and personality.

However, if you still need some ideas, I would love to see;
• Tourist cards (single view, mulitiview and map cards all welcome) - Showing scenes of where you live/ your town, city or country/ a famous location, building or monument/ something you can only find in your country (food/clothes/etc.)/ a place you have visited on a trip, holiday or vacation.
• Holidays/Events/Festivals - Christmas, Easter, Halloween, or your own local traditions or festivals.
• Harry Potter - I would love ANYTHING Harry Potter related (films, books or anything else you can find).
• Disney/Pixar - films, characters, theme parks.
• Moose - the animal, not the food.
• Humour/Sarcasm - pictures or quotes (I quite like dry humour).
• Mail - stamps, mailboxes, post offices, etc.
• Homemade - Made from your own photos, or your own artwork (painting, drawing, sickers, etc).

If you don't know what to write tell me about you, where you live, what you do, your family, friends or pets. Or maybe just send me a list, tell me your favourites - films, books, TV shows, food, places, names, etc. Or tell me about the postcard, where you got it from, what is the picture, is there a story behind it? :)

Please put the date on the card.

Sent to 36 countries
Received from 35 countries

I have recently set up an online Etsy shop selling postcards printed with my own photographs and drawings, please visit my website to have a look at popular and iconic tourist views, nature and animals of the United Kingdom as well as a few views from the United States of America and France.

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