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About Jessica...

★★★Never Grow Up★★★
I am young at ♥, seventies child and I enjoy the little things in life.
I work as a peri-operative nurse in the Dutch Cancer Centre in Amsterdam.

I challenge you to list 3 to 5 everyday things you enjoy on your card.
I enjoy:
★ coffee with hot milk
★ a full mailbox
★ A yoga class
★ the changing of the seasons
★ a hot shower

♥ Finland, Sweden, Greece / Hellas, Austria/Österreich and Japan: new issued stamps are much appreciated and PostEurop joint issue, Europe CEPT, Europa joint issue stamps please if you are able?♥

I had a very nice mailman who enjoyed all the mail I get!
You can meet him in the following postcrossing-blog:

My aim is to send all my partners a card from their favorites wall, their wishlist or a card that makes their day a very good mailday. I hope you will do the same for me.
Please; check my wall of favorites to see what kind of cards I like.

I like the cards with/from:
♥ cards by Hannah Dale from Wrengdale designs
♥ Limoon
♥ Belle and Boo
♥ Tim Burton
♥ Studio Draak
♥ Inkognito cards by Suzan Visser
♥ woodland, forest animals, illustrations
♥ Illustrated cards, whimsical, bright colors. No childish cards please
♥ Correspondances square cards by Marie-Anne Foucart, Anne-Sophie Rutsaert, Mila Gablasova, Marie Cardouat, Izou, Gaëlle Boissonard etc
♥ Papaya Art
♥ Seasonal cards in the season (New Year's, Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer)
♥ Gorjuss and Santoro cards
♥ Beach, sea, sealife, sunrise/sunset,lighthouses, surfing, etc
♥ New York, Paris, London

These are my preferences but all cards are welcome, although I would rather not receive single/multiview tourist cards.
If you don't know what to send me; send me a card you would love to receive yourself

I collect stamps from Greece/Hellas from 2002 and newer.
As I collect used stamps from Finland from 2006 and newer
I collect stamps from Sweden from 2006 and newer
I collect stamps from Österreich from 1995 and newer
I collect PostEurop, Europa CEPT, Europa joint issue stamps from 1993 and newer
I collect christmasstamps from 2011- now

If you are interested in exchanging 100 used stamps just like exchanging postcards here on postcrossing please take a look at and join.