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About Jantine...

My name is Jantine Boterhoek, i'm 26 years and graduated as a Social Worker and a Applied Psychologist.
My mom and my brother also are members of Postcrossing and we often write cards together!

I love the little things in life. My heart melts when I see children play, old people walking hand-in-hand, little sheep playing in the meadow, finding a card on the floor when I enter the house, and so on.
And how great is it to help people, without expecting things in return. Only the great feeling that I get from it, makes me happy already :)

I am really in love with music. Can't live without it. In which mood i'm in, there is always a song that fits perfect in the situation. I try to go to concerts as many as possible! The atmosphere, the live music, all the people, i really enjoy every time :)

I'm so excited to receive a postcard, but especially when you send me a card with:
- Bears, like OLD vintage bears, pluche bears, teddybears, cute (wild, little) brown or polar bears, anything! (i'm a collector of things connected to bears)
- Winnieh the poeh, ONLY by illustrator E.H. Shepard
- Pinquins, same story as the bears! ^^ + penguin books!!
- Cats!
- Hedgehog's!
- MOOMIN'S! you make me very happy with that!
- Quotes about life, music, etc.
- Cards for children
- Books, bookshelf's, library, bookstore

We have two cats, Simon and Nimos, with their own Instagram @simonandnimos. Nimos is an one-eyed Greek cat, adopted by us. Simon is a gingercat who loves to eat, eat and eat. When you have a nice card for them, please send!!

If you don't mind, no city-view cards please!
If you don't know what to write, tell me your best memory, what makes you happy, something about your pet(s), or anything you want to tell me! :)

I'm excited to receive postcards, and to send them!

-- If it is possible, you can upload your card before you send it? My scanner isn't always working but I love to see my cards on my postcard wall! thanks! --

Happy Postcrossing!

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