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About Alma...

My name is Alma (50+).
I live in the north of the Netherlands in a small village.
My hobbies are crafting, reading and my computer is a special friend (internet and computergames).
And of course I love to send and to receive postcards.

My favourites are postcards with views from your country, city or hometown, lighthouses, castles and sunrise or sunset.
I like it when the name of the city/region etc. is on the front.
In my favourites-list you can see postcards I like, I don't have received any of them.
And please only cards from your own country.
I work at a hospital (IT-department) so a postcard with a hospital on it (the building, not nurses/doctors etc) would be great.
I prefer real postcards with singleview (no photos) written and stamped (no envelope) and it would be nice if you write a date on it.

If possible please no cartoon, no animals, no flowers and no handmade cards.

I don't register a card I didn't receive.
Please, read the Community Guidelines (https://www.postcrossing.com/about/guidelines)

Hope to hear from you soon.
Happy Postcrossing!

Expired postcards:
NL-4271722 double2 (China) - sent 12 Dec 2018
NL-4271764 maumai (Taiwan) - sent 12 Dec 2018
NL-4170742 lallpall (Italy) - sent 29 July 2018
NL-4026419 mooznn (China) - sent 29 Jan 2018
NL-4026416 Margg08 (USA) - sent 29 Jan 2018
NL-4012502 mm25656 (Taiwan) - sent 14 Jan 2018
NL-3904810 Danbo120 (China) - sent 8 Sep 2017
NL-3768149 Ekaterina_070306 (Russia) - sent 2 April 2017
NL-3726287 danbo121 (China) - sent 18 Feb 2017

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