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About Katrina...

Hello~ I'm Katrina. v^_~*

I'm 28 years old and I am working on my masters degree in education. I want to teach English to people who speak other languages. A few years ago, I lived in Japan and taught English.

My hobbies are sewing, cosplay/costuming, photography, collecting coins (particularly foreign ones!), and reading. I love traveling, and have been to Canada, Mexico, the UK, Taiwan, and Japan, in addition to thirty-some states in America. I love getting mail. ^_^

I don't have a scanner right now, so uploading good quality images of my cards is difficult. I'd really appreciate if you could upload it on your end!

I would particularly like to see postcards with:

- traditional/cultural pictures
- uniforms (particularly military uniforms)
- old/antique cards - it's okay if they're dinged a bit!
- anime/manga/comics/video games
- Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit/JRR Tolkien
- Star Wars / Star Trek
- Dr. Who / (BBC) Sherlock
- Anything nerdy~ ♥
- 戦国時代 (Sengoku era)
- 新撰組 (Shinsengumi)
- ukiyoe/Japanese Woodblock prints
- kabuki/noh/traditional Japanese theater
- costumes / cosplay
- armor! (particularly 鎧 - traditional Japanese armor)
- pirates (historic ones)
- Halloween
- temples/shrines
- castles
- standing stones (Stonehenge, etc)
- gotochi
- traditional architecture
- food (local or vegetarian)
- money/currency!
- Norman Rockwell art

I can't wait to see the postcard you will send me! ♥

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