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About Jin...

I'm 26 years old and from Switzerland! I like to exchange postcards with others and to get to know fragments of other lifes and personalities.
The world is so colorful in every way and I adore this!

A little bit about me:

I strongly believe in kindness and that it can change the world if I try to be at least a little bit kind everyday.

I'm an office worker and I like to do yoga, read and discover new music!
I currently am learning sign language because I want to be able to talk to every person without boundaries.

I like to learn what kind of person you are.
What is your deepest wish? Your greatest passion?
What is the craziest thing ever happened to you?
What music do you listen to at the moment? What gift would make you the happiest? What things do you like? What do you want the world to know? Tell me all about it! ♡

I really really love animes!
You can contact me, if you desire a full list of my favorites :)

Oh, and if you have a coin, a bus ticket, a shopping recipe, a news article or anything like this to spare I'd be thrilled to receive it!
It is just so cool to see how those things look in other countries or even continents!!

Every card design you choose for me is welcome!
If I could choose, I'd like to NOT receive any tourist-cards.
There are so many awesome cards out there and I'm more interested in a card which shows a bit of you and your way of thinking.

If you're absolutely clueless, here some ideas:

❥ odd motifs, "what the fuck"-cards (send me the oddest one you can find, I don't mind if they are ad-cards!)
❥ self-made/ hand-decorated cards
❥ a cut-out from a food package (f.e a cereals, chocolate, ...) which shows something you like to eat
❥ Glittercards!! (I love glitter!)
❥ Quotes of your favorite Song/your fav. quotes in general
❥ Universe, star Maps, night sky, everything related to it
❥ the sea or water in general
❥ the color blue
❥ owls
❥ Harry Potter, Clive Cusslers "Dirk Pitt" Novels
❥ Aliens, UFOs and everything related to it
❥ Games: Minecraft, Super Mario, osu!, TROVE, Life is Strange, oldies like Tetris, PacMan
❥ cards with anime/manga (japanese cartoon and comic)
❥ lgbtq+ themed
❥ Cute Monsters
❥ Citrus fruits
❥ Cards with Sweets, Cookies oder Cakes on it
❥ Soap Bubbles

Or you can take a look at my favourites. I keep them updated, you'll only find cards there I don't have yet :)

If you like to receive a coin/busticket/shopping receipt or others feel free to contact me with a private message!

Have a wonderful day ♡

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