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InaBruch, Romania


is a member in Romania . She has been a member for over 2 years (888 days).
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About InaBruch...

I'm Irina and I love to read (some of my faves are Bronte sisters and Jane Austen), listen good music, collect stamps, spend time in nature and sometimes handcraft things.
My favourite team is FC Bayern Munchen (I'd gladly receive anything football (soccer) related)
I don't really like envelopes or postcards with pets, posters, music/movie stars (EXCEPT Gone with the Wind 1939 with Clark Gable & Vivien Leigh- I will be happy of any postcard of these 2 together).

Please choose only a card that represents YOUR COUNTRY, see the list below for hints, no pressure, it's open season :)
- the place where you live, Chronik-Karten,
- maxicards are great, GF are welcomed,
- the royal family, soccer players, stadium,
- famous people from YOUR COUNTRY (science men, writers, classical music composers, explorers, astronauts, etc.)
- paintings of famous painters (from YOUR COUNTRY),
- UNESCO sites, castles, ancient maps, coats of arms/heraldic emblems,
- beautiful scenery, rainbows, clouds, storms, lightning, volcanic eruption,
- islands, sailboats, lighthouses, windmills, watermills, trains, aerostats,
- northern lights, sled dog teams, stars, planets,
- wildlife from YOUR COUNTRY, real pictures please, NOT DRAWINGS, Songbirds are very precious :)
- cottages, colourful street views,
- traditional crafts, dancers, jewellery,
- desert, oasis,
- Jacaranda in bloom, Sakura,
- "Did you know?" Postcards.

I also like ILLUSTRATIONS such as:
> Fairies, elves, sylphes, sirens, mermaids,
> Dutch Children by Frankie, Delft Blue Children,
> Kermit the Frog,
> Reynard Literary Postcards,
> Precious Moments (Samuel J. Butcher),
> GENSODO - SHIITAKE, the cards of this Japanese artist are so beautiful
> The SAILORS from SAILOR MOON & TUXEDO MASK (as a child, I enjoyed these Anime, I still do)
> Love around the World,
> Laurel Long,
> Susan Wheeler,
> Anton Pieck
> Flower Fairies by Cicely Mary Barker,
> Thomas Kinkade, Nicky Boehme, John Patrick O'Brien or the likes,
> The Wonderful Adventures of Nils Holgersson (Selma Lagerlöf),
> and of course anything like those from my Faves list :)

- any postcard you like and it's showing a bit of yourself...
For hints, you may take a peek at my Favourites from your country :)

Thank you for taking the time to read all :)
You can write as much as you like on the postcard back, the more the better :)