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Hi everyone!

I'm Ilonka, 40 years old. I live in Deventer, in the east of The Netherlands with my husband and cat Nikita.
I used to have a dog Dribbel(Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, you can see him on the picture, unfortunately he passed away in April 2018.

I had a very long break from Postcrossing, but now I think I'm ready to start it up again, really look forward to send and receive postcards again! Everyone can use some positive things and messages in this difficult time.

Something more about me:
I work for a company who imports toys from China and sells them in Europe, it's a very small company, so I do a lot of different things, I really like my job and the company too, I work here for 14 years now.
In my freetime I like to go for a walk, watch TV (my favourite TV shows are Criminal Minds, The Good Doctor, Lost, The Blacklist, Elementary, House, The Mentalist, Castle and some others) I also like shopping, paint (by number :), diamond painting (during this I listen to podcasts, true crime ones are my favourite), cycling, fitness, penpalling, cooking and baking (especially baking bread), drinking tea and postcrossing of course! Formula 1 is the sport I like to watch the most.

If you want to see which cards I've already received from/about your country, please take a look here (this are all the cards I've received, also through swaps etc.):
You can find all my received cards here, sorted by category and country.

Cards I like the most:
- Touristic cards, I like single views more, but multiviews are also
- Kaj Stenvall (my received cards:
- Jetoy (my received cards:
- First day of Issue (my received:
- Mapcards (my received:
- USA state maps (my received: )
- Nouvelles images (my received:
- Royal Family's (my collection:
- Owls (my received:
- wild animals like polar bears, tigers, penguins and so on
- baby animals
- nice views from your city/country or neighbourhood
- specific/traditional things or people from your country
- Cards with food on it (my received:
- Cards that are related to my hobbies
- Or surprise me with a card you like!

I will appreciate every card you send me :)
You can always take a look in my favourites to see what kind of cards I like. Most of these cards I already have.

If you don't know what to write on the card please tell me something about yourself and/or your hometown/country, or what you did that day.
If it's possible for you I would like to receive written and stamped postcards.
Can you please put the date on your card, so I can see when the card was written?

Thank you for reading my profile and I hope to receive a nice card from you :)

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