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About Ilona...

I'm a 25-years-old student from Nothern Germany. I love the sea, the stars and kung fu. I'm an avid reader, love diving into the world of a book and love to write my own stories. There are more story ideas swimming around my head than I could ever write down.

I just came back from a four-months-trip around the world and if anything, it has made me even more curious about our planet. I'd love to receive a card of a place that you think I should visit, if possible, with an explanation from you of what it is and why you find it special. If you have any Pirates of the Caribbean postcards, you'd make me a very happy person. If not (which is most likely the case, seeing as PotC cards aren't sold at every street corner), I'd love to see a postcard of where you live. Or of a beautiful scenery. I also like ships, lighthouses, snowy landscapes, Northern Lights and Lord of the Rings. And fairies. Fairies are nice as are all other things fantasy. Oh, and if anyone has Worst Case Scenario postcards, I'd love one of these. I also try to start a collection with USPS or any other stamp postcards.

And I love surprises, so send me any card you find awesome! I sometimes browse through the gallery of cards on here and my thoughts usually go, "Oh, look, a card with a heart, that's cute. And those stars! Maybe I should start a collection with skies. Skies and clouds, too, because I like them. And what is that Halloween card over there? That's a really awesome one! Just like the autumn card next to it. I've always liked autumn." So, you see, I'm easily excited and like lots of things, not only the ones I mentioned above.

Please date your cards, I like to know when they've been sent when browsing through them a couple of years later. Also, for writing on the back, I'd love it if you could tell me which magical power you'd like to have.
That probably sounds like a strange request, but I've found that the most exciting postcards are usually the ones with unusual stories written on the back. It doesn't necessarily have to be about magical powers, you could also tell me about how you made friends in kindergarden or the many uses of peanut butter, ramble about stamps or your favourite mug or whatever crosses your mind.

You know, now that I think about it, I would really like to get a postcard titled "The many uses of peanut butter". I once got one on how to behave when being shot, that was pretty cool (and wouldn't mind some more 'How to...' cards, no matter what they're about).

Feel free to write in your mother language (please provide a translation if it isn't German, French or Swedish).

I hope I don't sound too demanding. I'll honestly be happy with whatever you send to me. Some of the greatest cards I received are ones that I didn't expect, so surprises are always great!

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