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Hello to all! As the profile says my name is Ibrahim. I'm from a small country/island in the Caribbean called Puerto Rico. We are a territory of the United States of America. I'm single, 31 years old of age, I work as a pizza delivery driver and I have a wiener dog called Slinky (like the toy from Toy Story). My native language is Spanish and I believe my English is kinda good. I enjoy TV shows, hearing to all kinds of music, roadtrips, going out with friends and family and watching sports like football and international tournaments.

I've been postcrossing since May 2020 aproximately when I discovered the RAoC forum on Reddit and it's been very fun to send and receive postcards from around the world. I've met very interesting people and feels like I'm travelling the world (although travelling is more fun) but the times demand other ways to enjoy things. I like touristy postcards with images of the country, city or town where you live with the name on it, nice stamps, a fun fact about that place or some nice quotes or personal stuff. "Greetings from" and "Flags of the world" postcards are welcomed too but I'm honestly open to any kind of postcard. If you would like to attach a coin, banknotes or any other thing from you country it will be very much appreciated. You can let me know if you would like to receive from me any other thing apart from the postcard!

You can feel free to message me if you want to exchange directly with me. Best wishes to you and be safe!

ONLY FOR U.S.A. RESIDENTS: Since Puerto Rico is a territory we use the same postal service, so you don't have to use global stamps. Just the regular "Forever USA" stamps you use to send mail to other states! Thank you!

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