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About Melanie...

Hi there!

I'm Melanie from Roermond, the Netherlands. It's a very old city in the south of the Netherlands. Roermond was once the catholic capital of the province (Limburg), and on old maps you can still see there used to be a chapel, church or cathedral on literally every street corner! Several of them are now used as offices or homes. I'm not religious myself, but I love all the 13th and 14th century architecture of these beautiful places of worship and community.
Some of my hobbies are photography, geocaching, crafts, gaming, (Marvel) comics, Netflix, movies, hiking through nature and anything animal related. I have 2 rabbits: Dropveter and Appelflap. They're both from a rescue shelter and are only 1 year old. I've trained them both to do their business on a litterbox and the house has been "rabbit-proofed" (all cables and dangerous items are hidden), so they can roam around freely. It gets a bit chaotic sometimes when they're running and jumping all over the place, but I love seeing them happy and playful! The furball in my picture is Lumi, one of my previous rabbits, who passed away in 2020 at the age of 10.
I'm currently working on learning Finnish, though it's a very hard language to master! I hope to be able to at least read and understand it easily in the future, as it would make my frequent holidays in Finland a lot easier. I love the country for its vast and beautiful nature.

As for postcards, I'm happy to recieve anything you'd like to send me! My favourites list is a mix of cards I have and haven't recieved, feel free to browse through it to get some inspiration of what I'd enjoy most. And, as everyone else does, here's a list (in random order) of things I'd love to recieve:

• Animals, especially bunnies / rabbits. But also love: squirrels / foxes / deer / wolves / birds / etc. (I can't choose!)
• Northern Lights
• Snow / snowflakes
• Your town / city / country
• Dark / eerie / moody / goth / skulls
• Ancient deities / mythological creatures
• Tim Burton artwork
• Zdzisław Beksiński artwork
• Marvel
• Finnish Nightmares
• Pokémon
• Something typical to your country / culture
• The moon
• Feathers
• Urbex
• Text in your native language
• Photography
• Quotes
• Crystals

If you don't know what to write, here's some ideas: What makes you happy and why? What's your favourite quote? What are your pets names, and what/who were they named after? If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you want to move to? What is currently #1 on your bucket list?

In case you have non-standard stamps available, I would love them. I try to use them too whenever I see a request for them. I love looking at all the special stamps. :)

Thank you very much for reading, and happy Postcrossing!

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