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Hessu666, Finland


is a member in Finland . He has been a member for over 11 years (4,048 days).
6,348 sent 6,327 received

  • Distance sent: 14,189,636 miles
  • Last seen: about 6 hours ago
  • Website:
  • Languages: English, suomi, Deutsch
  • Birthday: 24th August
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  • 33rd on most postcards sent from Finland
  • 36th on longest distance sent from Finland
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Lat: 61.18, Lon: 22.70 | Google Maps

About Hessu666...

Hello! Hei! Hallo!

I say it right away: I'm a collector. But it's your decision if you continue reading or not and what card you'll send...
Just I would appreciate very much if you put your written card inside an envelope. Thank you! (And I collect used stamps too.)

Envelope (you can easily make one just using white paper and tape. :) ) would also protect the card.
Over 90% of cards without an envelope arrive looking like these:

If you don't have a card for me - FRIEND of mine collects cards with churches/cathedrals (also multiviews), flowers and Christmas. Please, write your message to her and if it's possible I would like to get the stamps. So envelope would be great. Thank you!

Those what I do collect are marked below with numbers 1 to 11. But my Postcards wall's favorites do show few other kind of cards too what I would like to get. :)

AD (advertising) or free cards are welcome _only_ if they do advertise something of those what I wish. (I hate "Bad Dog"s.)
From Russia - NO "flypostcards"!
And _no_ photographs - Postcrossing's idea is sending postcards.
And _no_ selfmade cards - I won't value those enough.

Folded cards and already traveled cards are okay if picture side is undamaged and are new to my collections. :)

My collections about subjects 1-10 are in my online albums:
(Sorry about the mess inside albums, I'll organize them but it's slow process)

My card wishes - all 1 to 11:


Angry Birds
B. Virtanen
Beetle Bailey (Masi)
Dark Dudes
Disney (& Pixar)
DreamWorks animations (Shrek, Madagascar, etc.)
Emily the Strange
Gaston (Niilo Pielinen)
Hägar the Horrible
Kiroileva Siili / Tassutellen
Krtek the Mole
Kunnas, Mauri
L.J. Vis
Looney Tunes
Lucky Luke
Pink Panther
South Park
Tex Willer
Woody Woodpecker

2) bands, musicians, singers
3) Dudesons, Jackass, Bam Margera
4) Tom of Finland & other gay themes, Adam Lambert, Boy George etc.
5) WWF (Is there Earth Hour cards?)
6) Suomen luonnonsuojeluliitto
7) Luonto-Liitto
8) Grumpy cat
9) James Bond
10) Postallove's Greetings from... / map cards (ONLY country, autonomous region or U.S. states) / country flags
11) Suomen kunnat

My Postcards wall's favorites = WANTED cards. :)

If you need ideas what to write on the card - tell me your favorite bands or what book you've read. :)

Please, avoid writing that "FI" before postnumber - I can't take it away from the address box.

And I'm sorry that I wanna keep my received wall empty.
I've so many cards already that online albums by different subjects is the only way to know what cards I have in my collections.


Lisätietoja puuttuvista postimerkeistä sekä saadut Suomen kunnat: