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About Elena...

My name is Elena.
I love postcards, which are associated with:
(You can choose anything from favorites)
*If possible, I would like to like a postcard from Scotland: http://s016.radikal.ru/i335/1502/35/edb7b1f4fed2.jpg
* Music (plates)
* Old (vintage) postcards
* Illustrations Arthur Rackham Really.
* Art Cyril Rolando (AquaSixio)
* The sights of the cities (countries).
* Maps
* Castles, lighthouses.
* Black-and-white, black-and-red,
* People; famous people of your country (politicians, scientists, artists, ancient royalties ...)
* Folk costumes.
* Natural phenomena: aurora borealis, volcanoes, caves, waterfalls, big waves, lightning, tornados, rainbows, avalanches ...
* Small sailboats or small old / traditional boats
* Stairs, doors, windows, balconies or other pretty details on (old) buildings
* Mystic and beautiful landscapes (foggy, dawn, rainy, snowy, icy ....)
* Animals (foxes-the furies, Vulpes zerda (Fennec Fox), owl).
P.S. Please write a sentence in your own language with a translation! I'm fascinated by other languages;
P.S.2. If you sent a card that expired without me registering it, let me know;

I would like if you send to me some coins from your country, because I collect coins. I would be very happy!
For fast communication with me: elenabudnik@yahoo.com

Good Luck~

RU-3972774(LuckaKucharinka)--------->Czech Republic(24/Aug/2015)
RU-4239714 (alexiast)---------------->IFrance(29/Nov/2015 )