Hansvanderveeke, Netherlands

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About Hans...

I like bicycle touring, ski-ing, photography and reading very much. My hero writer is Jack Vance. I love to listen tot Faithless, London Grammar, Sia and Everything but the girl. And finally geocaching is also a hobby of me.

Please use the space on the card!

If possible tell me what the cycle touring possibilities are in your country.
Or tell me what things (thoughts or what you are doing) keeps you busy.Or tell me what your perfect day would look like, what books you read, what music you listen to and what movies you watch. What is the best book you ever read? What is the best movie you saw? Or what makes you happy.
I am curious about your country. Could your write something in your native language? With translation.

Please do not leave the writing space unused. It would be a pity to let the opportunity pass to tell something about yourself.

I especially like postcards with bicycles, lighthouses, Escher-like scens, local Saints or pretty girls. And otherwise something you choose.
Please no free or advertisement cards or cards about football. I do not like those.

Thank you very much!

Insta: https://www.instagram.com/hansvanderveeke/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/hans.vanderveeke/

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