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About Hanneke...

My name is Hanneke and I live in Coevorden in the Netherlands.
My girlfriend Thim is living in Helmond. So we have a Living Apart Together (lat) relationship.
Since a couple of years I'm retired as a headteacher of a primary school ( children from 4-12 years old).
Now I'm enjoying my "free" life. I like a lot of things, especially photography and reading.And of course Postcrossing!
My first account I started 4 years ago and recently I signed out.I got many beautiful cards( more than 3000).Now I will start with a new account, just from the beginning again.

I like cards with art ( from your own country), childrenbooks
illustrations, pure landscapes, sport, cards about music(instruments),dolls and toys, clocks and time, traditional culture, interiors of houses and buildings and Christmas cards in the Christmastime.I'm also fond of the paintings of Carl Larsson and cards about the sea, beach, river and ships.

I don't like (sorry!) touristic cards, cards with animals or flowers, adcards, homemadecards, cards with some optimistic or "deep" quote on it , cards of Pcr.meetings and cards from another country then were you are living.

I always try to find a card that the receiver likes, I hope you will do for me the same.

And.... I think it's just polite to say: Thanks, when you receive a card.

My experiences of the last few years , although many cards expired,
PostCrossing is and stays a wonderful thing to get in contact with people all over the world!

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