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About Hanley...

Hello! My name is Hanley, I'm from The Dominican Republic, it's a country in the Caribbean sea in the Americas.

I study at the university for being a High School teacher. I like to teach and to learn about whatever topic. Now I am trying to improve my English, Portuguese, French and to start to learn italian, German and Russian (I also promise to study Esperanto and Japanese). If it is possible write in one of these languages or write in your own language and translite it to one of them.
I like to spand time with family and friends. To listen to them and try to understand them. (Nothing is like to eat together)
I like sports. My favorite ones are soccer and Tennis. I play tennis with my sister and Friends.
I have a dog (She's calling pelele) and an Ant farmer (campanotus).
I like to go to monuments, old buildings, museums and to have pictures of them. And to have pictures about loyal family or famous sport player.
I often visit montain areas with rivers, place where I can join with nature, to look animals and to relax. I also like to go to place that connect me to the past like old ruins or representative structures like old buildings.

I like old classic video games like Mario, Pokemon, Zelda. I also like DC comics and Marvell. (My favorite superhero are Mon-El and Ant-Man).

I really enjoy to know about different culture, people, food, nature enviroment, plants, fruits, flowers, animals, monuments, science, (So you can send me postcards of those things), etc...
I like to know about loyal family.
I would be glad if you send to me postcard that represent your country or city, or the nature environment of your country, because I would like to have some of your world here. Anyway all kind of postcard can be appreciate.

PD: One of my closed friend and I have a blog that is about flowers and plants.

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