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About Clara...

Hi there! I'd love any postcard sent to me (as long as it isn't just some randomly or carelessly chosen card). I especially love to learn more about different countries and cultures through postcards. I also love to collect stamps and see the beautiful stamps from your country.

Things I like:
- Art/illustrations
- Calligraphy
- Photography
- Towns and suburbs
- Mansions and castles
- Nature (parks and green spaces, rivers, waterfalls, mountains, hills, etc.)
- Unique architecture or designs
- Postcards of olden trains and railways
- Books (e.g. Harry Potter, Lockwood & Co., Ink and Bone, Artemis Fowl, etc.)
- Anime
- Pokémon (video game, card game, anime, etc.)
- Sights of different countries
- Unique cultural aspects of different countries (Postcards from the 'Greetings from..' series are very much welcome!)
- Gotochi cards! (Especially the 2017/2018 limited edition ones) (I’d be happy to send two or three postcards back for a 2017/2018 Gotochi card)

What you could write on your postcard:
- A poem you really like
- A book you’d like to recommend and why
- Some interesting historical tidbits about your country
- About the weather or season in your country
- Unique places in your country
- Your culture or traditions
- Interesting quirks about your country and people
- Maybe a little something about the picture on the postcard
- A few words in your native language
- Some of your hobbies