Gyzmo, Netherlands

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About Gyzmo...

I live in a small village with my family and our 3 cats. My favorite tv shows are The Big Bang Theory, Two and a half man, NCIS, Criminal minds and Midsomer Murders. I also watch a lot of ducumentaries, mainly on National Geographic. My favorite music is hardrock/metal, but a listen to lots of other kinds of music too. I like to watch a good movie or read a good book. My favorite movies: Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, The Hobbit, Pirates of the Caribean. I love making big jigsaw puzzles, the largest one I ever made had 10.000 pieces, I had to make it in 3 parts. If you also like to do jigsaws, tell me how many pieces your largest puzzle has.

I like all postcards, you can send me every card of your choice. Ugly, beautiful, scarry, cards you do not dare to send to anyone (you have to ged rid of those too), I will gladly accept them all. If you don't know what to write, tell me about what you did today or about anything that makes you happy. Or tell me why you choose the card you send me. It's so much fun to find cards in the mailbox instead of bills. I enjoy reading the stories written on the card.

Besides postcards, I also collect stamps, I already received many postcards with beautiful stamps, it makes watching and reading the cards even nicer. I never take off stamps from the card, I don't want to damage the cards.

If you're interested in exchanging stamps with me, let me know which countries/topics you collect. If you have some stamps to send to me, I would be really happy. If you also collect something, tell me about it and maybe I can send you something in return.

April 2017 : I started collecting stamps about Postcrossing, if your country issued stamps for postcrossing, can you send one to me? If possible on an envelope, so I can put the stamp in my book. I collect used Europe-CEPT stamps, if you're interested to swap, you can send me a message.

I try to upload a photo of the card I send, but sometimes I just forget to do so, I hope you can upload a picture if this happens.

Thank you for reading and Happy Postcrossing!

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