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About Piper...

Dear Postcrosser,

If you're reading this then I want to tell you that you are beautiful, inside as well as out. You were dreamed up and created perfectly so. You; You're awesome. You were made that way. You were made from love; to be loved and to spread love. You were placed on this Earth for a purpose and today that purpose is, making my little corner of the world brighter and for that, I am grateful.

My name is Piper. I have two wonderful children; my daughter's 16, and wise beyond her years. My son is 13 and he's autistic. The way he sees the world is extraordinary and has forever changed how I see it. He reminds me daily to be kindness in all the chaos. Aside from being a mom, and madly in love; I'm also a writer. I love creating stories and opening the very heart of your imagination.

I am thankful to be taking this magical journey with you, I hope you'll tell me about you. What you find beautiful or what scares you. For a fleeting moment, allow me to be a part of your world.


^if you sent me a card that's EXPIRED please inform me. I will register it.

*Each month I'll suggest a topic for cards to send; if you have it please send it. If not, you can send whatever makes your heart smile.

*Note* Handmade cards are always welcomed; if you send a coloring card, please color them in.I don't much care for the uncolored card.

September: Sugar skulls! I would love nothing more then the beautiful de las muertos (day of the dead) representation so please feel free to share them with me. Also please feel free to start sending Halloween postcards my way. It is after all my favorite holiday. :) I'm delighted by whatever you choose to send and I can't wait to see the endless possibilities. .

My son is learning his state capitals. I beg you, if you have the following US state cards with THE NAME ON THE FRONT OF CARD, please send it to us. We are missing: Carson City NV. Concord NH, Trenton NJ, Albany NY, Bismarck ND, Columbus OH, Oklahoma City OK, Pierre SD, Olympia WA, and Charleston, WV.

Please note, I am note a big fan of typical tourist cards. I like to encourage thinking differently so perhaps save those for someone who will adore them. Be unique, creative and inspired when considering a card to send my way. :)

{other ideas}

*Gorguss postcards :)
*Flower fairies by Cicely Mary Barker
*Disney (anything)
*The Little Prince
*Waterfalls, volcanos, rainbows, beaches etc. {nature of all kinds}
*Anything related to books; authors, quotes, books or bookshelves
*Fall/Autumn season
*Halloween ALL YEAR LONG, as well as any holiday any time of year
*Peacock or turtles (my favorite)
*dark gothic, skulls, vampire, cemeteries, dragons, fairies, witches, mythical creatures, mermaids, ghost, ufo, aliens, anything supernatural.
*Anything that glitters
*sun/moon anything celestial
*Star Wars, Lord of the rings, Hobbit, Nightmare before Christmas, Beetlejuice
*Tim Burton movie cards (any of his movies)