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Receive postcards

About Mélissa...

Ohayo everybody ! My name is Mélissa, I'm 21 y/o and I currently live in Paris for my studies. One day for sure, I'll learn to speak Italian, that's one of my dreams !

Anyway, I love reading books (Favourite author... Dennis Lehane !) and mangas (here's my top 5 ! : Alive Last Evolution ; Naruto ; One Piece ; Fairy Tail & Eyeshield21, there's a lot more for sure !), writing, drawing, playing sports & video games (Pokémon, Ace Attorney, Zero Escape).
I'm not gonna say more about me here, but I really hope to find friends all around the world and maybe come to your country one day ! Take care whoever is reading my profile, hope to hear from you soon :-)


I saw that we can say what we would like to receive... So I'm gonna make a little wish list ahah :P Only to give you some ideas if you don't know what to send ! Don't hesitate to send me what YOU like !

My dream is definitly to receive a Pokémon or a Naruto postcard. (THAT WILL BE JUST AWEEEESOME !)
And here's an incomplete wishlist !

- A Pokemon Center Card (you'll have my eternal gratitude)
- Mangas [Naruto, Eyeshield21, Reborn, One Piece, Fairy Tail, Alive, Noragami, DGrayMan, One PunchMan or Bleach for example ! Oh and I just start Full Metal Alchemist, and... it's awesome hehe]
- Video games one ! (Ace Attorney ?! Any video games one would be awesome)

- Disney (Mulan, Pocahontas, Wreck it Ralph etc :P) and other cartoons
- The Stinky Dog ! :D
- Comics (#TeamCaptainAmerica ahah)
- Digimon
- A Puuung postcard (this would be the definition of AWESOMENESS)
- Quotes (to inspire me, or make me think about life !)
- Animals (your favourite one for example ! I really like dogs, bears and pandas if you want to know)
- Humorous card (even if it's not in english, just tell me what it means if you have time =))
- Paintings, Museums (so much to see, so much to learn about Art in general !)
- Cards of your village, country, region (Make me want to go there !)

I also love nature, so a postcard with landscape will make me dream and wish to come one day ! :D Anyway, whatever the card you'll send, it'll make me smile for sure, and cheer me up ! Take care again !)

If you're confused and don't know "What what what can I write ?!!", I'd love to know what are your favourite books, movies, what are your favourite songs of the month, tell me about you, what you like ! What is your favourite thing in the world ? Anyway, write whatever you want, I'm sure I'm gonna love it.


March 2016 : Currenly drowning, I need to work a lot more, and I'm kind of sad, because I have no time to enjoy the 20th anniversary of Pokémon. I feel so nostalgic and I can't even play, too risky I'll never stop if I start. Anyway, I have a lot of tests this month, I'll try to keep my head up ! Take care, and NEVER GIVE UP !

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