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About Natalie...

[NOTE: My deepest apologies for my absence - it's been a series of unfortunate weekly disasters in my personal life lately, but now I'm slowly recovering... *sighs* All received cards are now registered!

To forumers: Worry not, I'll return to the forums to check U2Us after next week's finals! Again, my apologies.]


I generally love all 'types' of postcards, 'cause the fact that I'm receiving one is fascinatingly lovely~ If I had to name faves, though:

--Snake New Year - This is my lunar zodiac year~ ;)
--Desserts, particularly chocolate - What's your fave/s? Any local delicacies to recommend when I finally commence my worldwide dessert spree~?
--Japan - Anime/manga (now Katekyo, Persona, Kuroko & Magi), Gackt, gotochi, sakura, temples, food, music, culture, clothes... basically I can't wait to visit Japan~ :D
--China - Dumplings are my obsession. Really. Best food ever! Oh, and traditional musical instruments~!
--Kotovasiya - Cats going about their daily lives are surprisingly very cute & charming ;)
--Landmarks/landscapes/cityviews - Tell me about your home/town/city/country! Any recommendations on what to see/do this summer, pls?
--Food & drinks - Tea, coffee, spices, recipes etc - name your faves! What's your fave recipe? Is it easy to cook ;)?
--Horses, especially silver brumbies
--Linkin Park - Been a fan since I was a kid & heard Hybrid Theory~
--Fiction books/fictional characters - Although my tastes primarily remain fantasy, crime and sci-fi (Narnia, Valdemar, Dresden Files, Bartimaeus Trilogy, Star Trek - I'm eyeball-ing you), I read a lot of other genres as well, so feel free to recommend me your fave/s!
--TV shows - Sherlock; Doctor Who; Merlin; NCIS; White Collar; CSI; Numb3rs
--Clint Barton/Aaron Cross/William Brandt - One word: Bad***!

I also love collecting stamps, so feel free to send me those too~ Using Christmas 2012 stamps for now.

In case you're wondering, handmade cards are definitely fine - I love seeing the end results of inspiration & creativity~ However, please do not send me Touchnote cards - I'm not only uncomfortable with the idea, but also prefer a personal touch from you, the sender~ ;)

If you've sent me a postcard and I haven't registered it within 30-40 days due to postal/whatnot issues, please do inform me (politely, mind you) if you want it registered in advance.

My offer album for those interested:

Thanks to everyone who has sent me a postcard and/or read this! Happy Postcrossing~!