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Felice1959, United States of America


(or Felice) is a member in United States of America . She has been a member for over 9 years (3,523 days).
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Lat: 41.85, Lon: -87.65 | Google Maps

About Felice...

I have always collected cards but especially appreciate old postcards ( 1900 to 1959 or older ) of people and places. I am also in love with my town, Chicago, which always seems to produce some undiscovered treasure.

Since I joined postcrossing my favorite morning ritual is to make a coffee while anticipating how many "Hurray! Your postcard has arrived!" will be in my email box. I keep a notebook of which card I have sent each person on what date and I often scan a copy of what I've written so that I can remember what I've said. When I have time I request new addresses and write postcards. If I'm not careful many hours will disappear :) !

I have a blog and the link is above. I write stories about the different people I have met because of postcards and travel.

Things I love:
Travelling the world
Writing: I love the words even more than the postcards
Art: seeing it and creating it.
Flea / antique markets and the occasional garage sale : love to treasure hunt
Riding my bike,Yoga, Reading, Music, movies, Photography
Drinking coffee in a nice café with a friend and getting inspired
Millimallikas at the Valli Baar
Old cemeteries
Tramp art
shopping for postcards


Things I do Not love:
Please do not send me MULTI-VIEWS, Christmas cards or Easter cards (unless vintage) tourist cards with the name of the place really big, cute children, oversized cards (they do not fit on my postcard rack) Thanks and sorry to be picky but these cards are wasted on me!

I love postcards but what I treasure the most are your words so write me something real and personal and you will make my day no matter what picture is on the other side!