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9/24/18: I now only fave cards I've not received but that doesn't mean I don't ❤ your card!
I love vintage/antique postcards or quality reproductions with interesting images of people.
My favorite morning ritual is to drink coffee and see how many "Hurray! Your postcard has arrived!" will be in my email box. I keep a notebook of which card I have sent each person on what date and I often scan a copy of what I've written so that I can remember what I've said.
I love:
Talking to strangers=making new friends
Writing: I love the words even more than the postcards
David Bowie
Flea markets/treasure hunting
My bike (love vintage images of people on bikes)
Coffee in a nice café with a friend and getting inspired
Artistic images from Cemeteries
Vintage cards, black and white or color or colorized with people but not so much featuring churches or towns unless it's an interesting photograph. I even love the ones with old messages and postmarks if the message is interesting. It is like a little piece of time travel, a moment in someones life immortalized. If you have one such card, feel free to send in an envelope with a letter! ! I love cool stamps and I don't mind an envelope especially if you have a lot to say or want to protect the card. Without envelope is okay too.
I do NOT like: MULTIVIEWS, Postcrossing meet up cards with signatures but no message. Religious, tourist pc with name of place really big, cute children or oversized cards. They don't fit in my pc rack or album. If you don't have choices I'm grateful for whatever you choose.
I love postcards but what I treasure the most are your words so write me something real and personal and you will make my day no matter what picture is on the other side! When I write a card, my goal is to say something meaningful in that small space. I don't list my hobbies but I tell a story about something that may have happened from one such hobby. No talk of weather unless it's extremely affecting my mood. Even if we don't consider ourselves writers, or story tellers, we ALL have a lifetime of stories to tell. Please tell me one that I can't already read on your profile page! It's a challenge, not a demand. It can be fun!!!!
But if your mind is blank..
I am collecting pigeon/sea gull poop horror stories! If you had the misfortune to have such an encounter anywhere in the world please do tell. My friend Iris, in Hong Kong and I believe that these birds have extreme prejudice against tourists. Downright diabolical we say. So if you too have been nailed by one of these creatures (or a gang) I implore you to share your story
If you have been lucky your whole life to avoid the flying crap, then tell me something that recently made you laugh or smile or just filled you with happiness.
An experience you've had on a train.
What would you consider your own personal 15 minutes of fame
Best unexpected travel adventure?
Peace+happiness to a my postcard tribe

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