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About Eugenia...

My name is Eugenia and I'm 35 years old.
I would be happy to get your postcard written and stamped
-city and countryside views,
-beautiful landscapes,
-old buildings or historic places,
-any water sources from where you live
-tigers, lions, pumas, panthers, lynx
-birds of prey
-or whatever you like
--- !!!I have nothing against receiving a personal card and if you have taken a good foto of your life (you, your house, family, pets, friends, street in front of your house, funny things people do around you, your favorite place or things, or something like that) you may print that out and make it into a postcard and then send it to me. I will love it because it can say more about you as a person. ^^
DON'T use the envelope (but if that' s a personal card it' s up to you to decide!).
Please if you don't mind put the DATE, your NAME and your AUTOGRAPH on the card (they say the autograph reflects the temper)...
If you like QUOTES or aphorisms, write your favorite one.
If you like POETRY in English, German, French or Russian, write the title and the writer.
If you like MUSIC, write your prefer song in your native language.I can watch it on youtube.

thanks a lot and
warmest wishes from Siberia! :D

Falls Sie Deutsch können, schreiben Sie bitte auf Deutsch! Das ist nämlich meine Lieblingsfremdsprache!!

Si vous parlez francais, pourriez-vous m'ecrire en francais s'il vous plait! merci beaucoup!!

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