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About Paula...

Hello my friends! I'm Paula. I studied history on Jagiellonian University in Kraków. I had lived here for last 7 year with my boyfriend - Piotr and now we moved to Włocławek, my home town. We have two sons - 2,5 years old Cyprian and 5 months old Syriusz (like Sirius Black :D). We also have beautiful ragdoll cat - Julian.
I love singing, painting and reading (favourites books: The Lord of the Rings, the Master and Margarita and much more), watching movies (favourites: The Lord of the Rings, Tim Burton's films). I also love anime and manga, especially Dragon Ball (Z!!) and Naruto. I'm crazy about it ^^
But the most important thing in my life is music. I love every kind of it. EVERY.

I would like to get postcard with:
- anime&manga (especially DB and DBZ and Naruto! ♥) - dear users from Japan, I really really want to receive a postcard with those anime. I desire it! :D
- art, because I love art (Leonardo da Vinci - but please, don't send me Mona Lisa, already I have 2 postcard with Mona Lisa, I'll be very grateful, Jan Vermeer van Delft, Wassily Kandinsky, Teodor Axentowicz, Beksiński, Alphonse Mucha etc.) :)
- Marvel's characters (especially Storm, Phoenix, Wolverine, Rouge, Magneto, Mystique)
- famous people (Helena Bonham Carter is my favourite famous person! ;))
- animals (horses, cats, bunny, penguin, elephants)
- fantasy
- movies and movies poster(especially with my favourites - Tim Burton's film, The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Harry Potter and animated movies of Disney, Pixar, Dream Works)
- any type of Alice in Wonderland
- people in love
- mountains
- pin-up girls
- Jetoy
- Gotochi
- The Moomins
- something from my favourite postcard :)
- TV series (Breaking Bad, HIMYM, True Blood, Game of Thrones, Dexter, Gossip Girl, The Walking Dead, Vikings)
- something typical for your country, for example building (I like Gothic church and cathedral) - write something about it - if you want.

You can recommend me a book or share an inspiring quote from your favourites book or movie. And you can recommend me a song which you listening now, I like to know new music :)

Anyway, any card you'll decide to send will make me happy! :)
But no multi-view, ad/free cards, self made photos, Please! I really don't like them. Thank you! ;)

If you are interested at swap with me, here is gallery where you can choose a card :)

And here is my collection:

Fell free to contact with me by mail:
but please, write your PC nickname.

I'm waiting for your card! :) Happy postcrossing

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