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About Estelle...

Dear postcrossers,

Pleased to meet you !
I always has been a keen postcard lover and a traveler/geography addict. I'm currently living in Troyes, the historical capital of the champagne province in France. I used to be a traveling student (France, Canada, South Africa), and now I try to use any opportunity to buy a plane ticket and feel lost in a city where I can't understand the locals.

At my parents home, we have a dog, Vasco, a gordon setter, he is an old hairy drooly monster, actual king of the living room couch. I ride horse since 2004. I can't imagine my life without animal, they bring peace around them. I adopted on March 18th, 2018 a cat ! Her name is Moon, she's a sassy, precious, tabby cat, you can follow her adventure on Instagram at Moonthecatdiary.

One of my goal in life is to have every single country stamps on my passport. Slowly but surely, I'm exploring the world. Can you advise me any place around your area worth to visit ?
It can be any kind of places in your country which are worth seeing as a foreigner, forget about the cliché, give me the spot you love which are worth it to your eyes.
I love cooking, I cook every day, I always bring my tupperware at work and make all of my coworker jealous. I'm a sweet tooth, you can share a recipe with me !

About postcards, be creative, suprise me ! I have a thing for the color blue.
Otherwise, I have a thing for vintage, retro, pin up, Vogue's and old "La Vie Parisienne" cover, works of Alphonse Mucha, Henri Privat-Livemont and Michael Parkes (check favourites section), wedding, Olympics or something related to the Prohibition time as well as important woman figure. I also appreciate single view of your area.
I like postcards that are full of words. You could write about a great place to visit near your home, yours hobbies, what you are currently reading, the last movie you saw or the last song you listened to and maybe a few words in your native language.

Don't be shy, share a recipe with me or make me discover your local tea.

I'm curious about anything!

Happy Post-crossing,

October, 10th, 2018

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