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About Annie...

Hello from Belgium. My name is Annie. I'm 52. I live in a quiet suburb of Brussels with my husband and my daughter Alexia (17).

About Belgium: a small country near France, Germany and Netherlands. We try to manage to live with 3 small Regions (Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels) and 3 languages (French, Dutch en German); not so easy but very interesting.
Brussels is multicultural. At school, at work, outside, everywhere you hear a mix of native and foreign languages. There are many international & European organisations.

Famous Belgian people: Stromae, Jacques Brel. Painters: Rubens, Magritte, Delvaux, Ensor ... . We have all read comics from Belgian authors: Tintin - Hergé, the Smurfs, Spirou, Thorgal, Gaston Lagaffe, Lucky Luke, Boule & Bill ...
We also like Amélie Nothomb, leading lady of the Walloon literary scene.

Love our national football team, the Red Devils.

Our sense of humor is very special, mine as well.

I read a lot, like cooking and baking. We eat chocolate every day (Belgian chocolate for sure). I also have a job. No car, always by foot (within walking distance) or use public transport.

- Single views of your city, village,
- Castles
- US States maps,
- Northern lights, fjords, Norway's map, Hurtigruten's boats
- Lighthouses,
- Japanese & Chineese calligraphy,
- Rabbits, puffins, hedgehogs, owls, squirrels, foxes, whales, cats, reindeers,
- Irish or Scottish landscapes, British cottages, Celtic themes,
- Spring flowers (zoom), autumn leaves,
- Mail-postal box from your country, books & shelves/libraries, coloured doors,
- Star Wars. Cinema/films, cartoons
- Love/harts, Keep calm
- Maps of countries
- Tower Bridge / London,
- Christmas and Easter.
But we don't appreciate computer printouts and advertising please.
Birthday cards :-) Annie 15 Nov, Alexia 12 Dec - thank you so much.

It will be a pleasure to receive your postcard.

Please tell something about you, your city, hobbies. A word in your language...

We appreciate Postcrossing very very much.
Esperluette means : "&" . I like this symbol "and"


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