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About Pamela...


I love the cross-cultural experiences, politics, history, music, art, and to receive and send letters and postcards the ol'fashioned way :D

And, I do love to read about other people's experiences, ideas and thoughts, so it could be nice if you can write something on them! Perhaps a story, poem, secrets, what you like or what you dislike, even your favorite quote, and also the date when you deliver the postcard.

My favorite subjects are:

* Maxicards

* Alice in Wonderland!!

* The Little Prince / Le Petit Prince

* Spooky stuff, vampires (NO Twilight please!), ghosts, scary houses, cemeteries, skulls.

* Mortuary, bizarre, macabre and the beautifully grotesque art.

* Tattoos, or body modifications.

* Victorian Era.

* Drag Queens.

* Finland!
- Alvar Aalto.
- Sibelius.
- Tove Jansson
- The Rasmus.
- Apocalyptica.
- Nightwish.
- HIM.
- Language.
- History/Geography.
- Animals/Plants.
- Moomins.

* Freddie Mercury.

* Gotochi.

* Vintage: pictures, fashion, furniture, posters.

* Literature oriented: authors, books, poems, novels.

* Victoria Francés.

* Animals: bunnies or rabbits (illustration only!), birds, raccoons, giraffes.

* Owls or Crows/Ravens

* Hourglasses, clocks, compasses, keys, typewriters.

* You can also check my favorites ;)

* Please if it is possible use real stamps, not the computer printed ones, I think those are really sad.

* And, if you happen to be an artist, photographer or graphic designer, and you make postcards, I would love to see them, so please feel free to send them to me!!

* If you decide to send me a hand-made postcard be super creative! I would love to see what you can create! (but please, don't send me cardboard with just marker lines, or stickers, that is by no means a postcard, I am sorry! And AVOID home-printed cards with bad quality!!)

If you get my address around any holiday (Christmas, Easter, Hannukah, Halloween, Chinese New Year, or any celebration unique from your country) don't hesitate to send me a card about it, and write me how do you celebrate!

I hope this list is useful for you, but any postcard you decide to send me is going to be welcomed and loved :)

Please do not send any ads.

NOTE: I would really appreciate if you scan the postcard.

Please write your name (first name only is ok, if you do not mind), it is difficult for me to say "Hi there!" when registering a received postcard. Instead, I would like to say "Hi (your name)!". It's very nice to know the name of the person who sent the postcard!

Expired postcards :( - They were sent to users who opened their profile and they didn't care about it, some users were seen over 4 months ago!

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