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About Elyse...

你好(Ni Hao)! Greeting from China!

I am Elyse from "Guangzhou" in South China, nearing Hong Kong. I have two dogs and really wanna keep a little cat!
Graduated from university, I am now serving as an analyst at an outsourcing company.

I'd love to share my favorites with you:
TOP 3:
♥【Lali Riddle】 (I'd love to SWAP for Lali! My collection: http://www.douban.com/photos/album/116402263/);
♥【Map cards】of your hometown, city, state or country;
♥【Maximum Cards】, especially of the landscape or historical sites;
♥【Kumamon (くまモン)】 from Kumamoto(熊本市) of Japan (See my avatar, he is my most most favorite cartoon!)

♥Shaped cards, like GOTOCHI of Japan, Tulip-shaped card of Netherlands, "番薯片" of Taiwan, and any other;
♥Views of universities or colleges (especially the buildings);
♥Architecture, landscape, cityview or anything you consider special of your country, area or town;
♥Cats or dogs (real animals are better than illustrations)
♥Hello Kitty;
♥Harry Potter.

Please no:
△Self-printed cards;
△Ad cards;
Thank you so much =)

If you have any expired card of me, feel free to email me.

Thank you for reading!
Wish you a wonderful day and happy postcrossing! ♥

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