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Elyna333, Moldova


(or Olga) is a member in Moldova . She has been a member for over 2 years (861 days).
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About Olga...

Hello everyone !!!

My name is Olga, I'm from Moldova (a small, beautifull country between Ukraine and Romania).
Our small family lives in Chisinau, the capital of Moldova (where I was born). My husband is from Ukraine, Odeskaya Obl.. We have two lovely kids, boy (04.04.2012) & girl (17.09.2014). I'm working in a bank as an economist. My hobbies are nature,reading books,listening to music,meeting with friends,visiting interesting / new places, bead work,cross stitch, and recently postcrossing...
Our postcrossing group on Facebook :
I read everytime the profile of person whom I have the pleasure to send a card and try my best to pick the right card for her or him or them, also acording to their favorite ones . So... please do the same for me ♥♥♥ Anyway... I't up to you so... you can send me any postcard that you want .
But in case you wonder:
Don't like to receive:
· creepy/ scary/ evil/ ugly/ monsters/ bloody
· sheep(s)/ monkey(s)/ "smilying" hoorse(s)
· fantasy/ anime/ fairy tales
· travelings cards/ads
· self made/ self printed/shaped cards
· nudity/ sexual content...(but sensual is welcome)
and touchnote postcard.

I would be so happy if I receive:

♥ Marilin Monroe/ Monica Bellucci
♥ owl(s) - photo/ paintings/ simbol
♥ Anatol Efremov paintings / beautiful,bright colors/ art :
♥ Royal family (Kate and Will)
♥ love/kiss/couples
♥ abstract design / repeating motifs / patterns/ mosaic / stained glass
♥ Annette Loginova cards:
♥ Inga Paltser cards: ;
♥ Icons of the world Series (
♥ Flags of the World series from
♥ Greetings from... cards from POSTALLOVE:
♥ Mila Marquis cards:
♥ black/white cards (with one item in color)
♥ Meet-up / Meeting cards with a lot of signatures.
♥ night-view of your country

And write on it something interesting like:
✯ what you know about Moldova;
✯ your favorite books, movies, TV Series and songs;
✯ your Hobbies;
✯ your dream;
✯ a recipe.
I like to "read" the postcard. It would be nice from you to write something in your native language, with english translation. Or,something in romanian ))) Or, you can write me a poem that you like, an inspiring quote....

So, hope to hear from you soon!
Have a nice day and ♥ HAPPY POSTCROSSING