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About Elena...

My name is Elena.

At me two remarkable sons, the younger son 3 year, to the eldest son 8 years now. Therefore almost all the free time I am engaged in reading children's books, game in children's toys and jumping on pools after a rain. And it is pleasant to me)

The main themes of my collection:
- hedgehogs !!! ( http://el-lada.gallery.ru/?p=albums&parent=ouT0 )
- Easter !!! ( http://el-lada.gallery.ru/?p=albums&parent=oxcj )
- Virpi Pekkala !!! ( http://el-lada.gallery.ru/watch?a=bMmb-oxG8 )
- Inge Look !!! ( http://el-lada.gallery.ru/watch?a=bMmb-oxia )

Also like the postcards
- children
- motherhood
- PHQ Royal mail cards ( I have: http://el-lada.gallery.ru/watch?a=bMmb-ouBj )
- Maximum cards(maxicard,картмаксимумы) ( I have: http://el-lada.gallery.ru/watch?a=bMmb-otrB )
- 3D cards ( I have: http://gallery.ru/watch?a=bMmb-oxhZ )
- Kaarina Toivanen !!! ( http://el-lada.gallery.ru/watch?a=bMmb-oxql )
- Gotochi
- Flag of the World Series from origin (http://gallery.ru/watch?a=bMmb-pAzG)
- GF series new to collection from original country ( http://el-lada.gallery.ru/watch?a=bMmb-oxqe )
- black and white photo with the color element
- street-art ( http://gallery.ru/watch?a=bMmb-oxhN )
- Elliott Erwitt
- Krtek
- Inkognito
- map
- Cards Susan Wheeler и Josephine Wall ( only folded!!!)
- a series of postcards "NewYorker" ( http://el-lada.gallery.ru/watch?a=bMmb-oxGY )
- серия "Петербургский алфавит" (есть буквы А,Б,В,Д,З,И,П,У,Ф,Ц,Ч,Э,Ю)
- Русский рок
- открытки центра фотографии им.братьев Люмьер
- bats
- illustrations Martta Wendelin,SVEN NORDQVIST, Marie Brožová, Rolf Jonas Lidberg!!!, Michel Thomas, Marcel Marlier, Lisi Martin!!!, Lungers Hausen, Marie Fischerová-Kvěchová, Salač!!!!!!, Erich Neubert!!!, MAKOTO MURAMATSU, DANUTA MUSZYNSKA-ZAMORSKA!!!, Cornelis Jetses, Игорь Артёменко, Катя Дудник!!!, Сергей Пышненко, Мария Ярцева, Симонова Ольга!!!!!, Неприятель Юлия, Наталия Анурченкова, Ирина Зенюк

My postcard collection: http://el-lada.gallery.ru/?p=albums&parent=otrz
My wishlist:
For swap: http://el-lada.gallery.ru/?p=albums&parent=ly4m

I will be glad folded, ancient cards in an envelope if they correspond to my main subjects of collections (hedgehogs, Easter).

Easter cards of old years, for BRD and DDR hedgehogs, to BRD and DDR children ( http://gallery.ru/watch?a=bMmb-oBdT ), artists of Salač, Danuta Muszyńska-Zamorska cards of old years it is possible even written to other people (just send me them in an envelope with a note) I will be very glad them to receive.

In turn, I hope to please you with postcards.

My address:
Elena Rudkova
PO Box 8
g. Furmanov

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