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About Isa...

Hi there, I'm happy you drew my address! ^^

I'm a communication designer living in Germany. I moved here from Finland a few years ago (hence my weird ungerman name ;). I'm the typical quiet but secretly crazy Finn x) I'm currently planning our wedding celebration for this year! **excited**

I'm interested in different countries and languages, someday I will be traveling the world, preferably with my husband and a backpack! :) I also like all kinds of papery things like stationery, books, postcards, notebooks, origami, stickers.. I'm the kind of gal you gotta drag out of every stationery shop along the way ^^
If I have the time, I like to draw things like my Avatar. I also love all kinds of animals (I have two cats), gaming and tea ^_^ And the thrill of finding the perfect card for my fellow postcrossers is essential to me!

I think the best part of Postcrossing is to share moments between total strangers and establish this personal connection, that seems mostly lost in our modern digital world.
That's why I enjoy postcards with long texts and beautiful stamps the most. Tell me about your day, something about you, or describe what you see from where you write your postcard. I'm always happy about any new book or movie recommendations. Please go crazy with drawings, washi and stickers!! ♥

I will be happy to receive any card you will choose for me!! If you need help to pick one, here are some ideas:

// My favorited cards are the ones I don't have yet and wish to receive! ♥♥♥

♥ mountains & rocks
- deserts
- forests & wood
- misty / snowy landscapes
- space & stars
♥ cactii & succulents
- botanical

// ILLUSTRATION & ART (both modern and historical)
♥ art (illustrations, drawings, woodblock prints, screen prints, engravings, basically anything but kitsch :)
♥ handlettering & calligraphy
- patterns
- vintage ads or posters (esp. travel posters)
- illustrated maps

// SPECIAL (if you want to make my day extra special :)
♥ Yuko Higuchi
♥ Ghibli, esp. Mononoke hime & Nausicaä
- moomins
- Disney & Pixar
- anime & manga
- minimalistic
- abstract
♥ Fantasy: unicorns, pegasi, dragons, anthromorphs, mermaids..
- dinosaurs
- bones & skeletons
- weird & unusual cards
- wooden or any other non-paper postcards
♥ Games: Skyrim, Fallout, The Witcher, Zelda
- Actors: Natalie Portman, Clint Eastwood :D
- Polaroids
- Pin-up
- Jetoy
- Polkka Jam
- Batman
- Gorillaz
- indigenous people
- GF cards

// ANIMALS (both photos and illustrations)
- cats (only illustration or b/w please)
- horses (only illustration or b/w please)
- (polar) bears
♥ (desert) foxes
- wolves
♥ huskies
- deer
- pandas
- big cats
- raccoons
- birds: ravens, magpies, flying owls

I like to get more untraditional and artsy cards. Please save touristic viewcards for people who like them more than me :)

You can find my received cards sorted by theme on flickr.

I'm looking forward to a nice collection of cards and personal stories from all around the world! ^_^

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