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About Dominika...

Hello! My name's Dominika. I live in south-east Poland. I'm a Polish philologist and work at school as a teacher. I love reading books, listening to music, travelling and many, many other things.

It doesn't matter, what kind of postcard you'll send me - it can be:
-> something from my "favorites",
-> Christmas/Easter postcards (during the holiday season),
-> view of your city/country (both mono- and multi-views postcards are fine),
-> Greetings from... cards*,
-> World travel series,
-> WOW series,
-> typical tourist postcards from your city/country,
-> butterflies,
-> angels (religious postcards with angels are fine too),
-> ballet women dancers,
-> cartoon's characters (Moomins, Krtek, Smurfs, Polish cartoons and of course others),
-> something connected with your country or characteristic for your country (traditional clothes, folklore, typical souvenirs etc.),
-> teddy bear,
-> animals,
-> books,
-> poststamps,
-> fireworks,
-> Marylin Monroe,
-> Audrey Hepburn.

But it's your decision, what it'll be. Anyway - EVERY POSTCARDS ARE WARM WELCOMED!

Please, NO hand-made, erotic, AD cards and photos instead of postcards.

PLEASE, write something in your native language with translation (it can be greetings from your country, for the example).

If you don't know, what to write on the postcard, write your favourite quotes or what is your favourite book/song.

Send postcards without envelopes.

It's possible you receive a postcard with German poststamps. It's cheaper to send them there than here, in Poland.

By the way - I'm just waiting for a postman with a postcard from you! :-)

Happy postcrossing!

*Greetings from... cards I received:
-> Finland,
-> Sweden,
-> Slovakia,
-> Denmark,
-> Canada

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