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About FishStrange...

I've a card from FI / a card from KR without ID pls contact me.
My name is Fish and 10 years passed since I started my PC adventure. Sorry! If my preference is trouble for some of you.Sure I received many wonderful cards from you in the past.Please realize I always try my best to find the right card for the right friend.

➷ Only "Postcard"——not folded paper-stuff & no envelop.
。I think and I wish only sending and receiving postcards,rather than envelops:)

✍ I enjoy【Illustration】rather than 【Tourist View】🙏🏻
Share your Tourist View Postcard to others is the better :)
。As well as Buildings、AD、Photoed Cat Dog or cold blood/savage animals is simply not my taste

➷Have a look at my Fav wall if possible.Cards in Favs are wanted. Before writing a card please ensure it won't be a repeated card.I am tired of highly repeated postcards with Empty content.Ծ‸Ծ
☆☆☆ I beg No more these following cards as I got them for too many times again and again ☆☆☆


♥ JP:
1 # - 【 ご当地フォルムカード】 ←をお願いします
2 # -【 水彩絵葉書】Moe Nagata、Uchida Shinya、 Karel Capek、0313、Minty(JP-683643)、Sally (サリー)

♥ TW:( 我喜歡繪畫片例如__赖英泽 / 几米 / 阿ya客棧 / Smohouse / 甲蟲的黑熊 / 蜜少年 / Akuo / Obtuz / Foufou / 天灯宝宝 / 水母熊..等

♥ HK: All things bright and colorful、A little bit、淘寶盒裝明信片請選擇與我的wish一致的主題(兔、手绘24节气、童话等)

♥ RU: Susan Wheeler 、Irina Smirnova、Lia Selina、Leonid Afremov、Polina Yakovleva (I prefer cards from ACARDS.BY which fits my ablums the best)

♥ CZ: Please more card of these series CZ-1335753、CZ-996263、CZ-868105 I want them for collection

★ Illustrated Christmas/Easter postcards (all year accepted)

★ With Rabbits (Drawing is better!....∩ω∩)

★ Nouvelles Images

★ Lali Riddles

★ Thomas Kinkade 、Virpi Pekkala、Amandine Piu、Cartes D'Art 、Tausendschoen 、Inkognito、Belle & Boo、 Marie-Anne Foucar、Jean-Pierre Arcile、Martine Rupert 、Danielle Lebeau 、Inge Look、Lisi Martin

★ Guess how much I love you、A little box of love you 、The Medici Society Rabbit ( see NL-3874949 / US-5001170)、Strawberry Moshi rabbit (See MY-152834 / SG-71414)、Where's Waldo、Postcards from Ladybird or Puffin、Little Miss Or Mr Men postcard

★ Famous /Symbolic Cartoon Character From Your Country

★ Special: 3D、Woooden、Shaped Cards、Used Stamps( see DE-5007611)、ATC with design(see CN-2388467 / CN-1868357)、Drawings of your own ( see DE-4948117)

Pls respect My name "Fish" as addressee instead of using the Residential Community name "ChunYiYuan" which is impolite manner.
❤ Thanks for your efforts ❤

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