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About Danielle_and_Herbert...

Hi! I am Daniëlle and I have a postcrossing profile together with my husband Herbert. We are both 29 years old. It was my idea to sign up for postcrossing and I also write the postcards. I love to buy all kind of postcards so I can send everyone a postcard of their favourite subject. We both like to read the received ones.

We live in a town near the national park of The Netherlands called 'De Veluwe'. It is the largest forest and sand drift in our country and it's great for long walks. The Veluwe is among the best places in the Netherlands to see wildlife like deer, foxes, wild boars, highland cattle, martens, badgers, squirrels, birds of prey, snakes, mouflons and Reeves's muntjacs.

Herbert's hobbies are soccer, cycle racing and volleyball and my hobbies are crafting, painting, photography, horse riding (dressage and trails), reading and learning new languages. We both love skiing, travelling, music, nature and wild animals.

My father is a breeder of the orange colored Thrianta rabbit, the Thrianta is a dutch breed. Have a look at his website: www.thriantafokkers.nl.

Our favourite postcards are:
♥ One of these: http://goo.gl/Ggy2g
♥ Seiji Fujishiro - Gotochi - Moomins - Navitrolla - Kotovasiya - Charley Harper - Jetoy Choo Choo cats - kawaii characters
♥ Painted landscapes - folk art landscapes - happy colourful landscapes
♥ Beautiful (touristic) scenes from your hometown or country
♥ Ski resort, national park, island or beach in your country
♥ Colourful illustrated map cards
♥ Whales - birds of prey - owls - horses - mouse lemurs
♥ Cute illustrations - children's book illustrations
♥ Nouvelles Images multiples

We scan all postcards we receive. Because we store our postcards in a special aluminium postcardbox we prefer 10x15 postcards but of course you can also send other sizes.

Forgive us but we don't like advertisement postcards, flower close-ups or self made postcards. If you can avoid sending those to us, we will appreciate it very much.

We would love to read the date and place on the postcard.

Things you can write on your postcard if you're out of inspiration:
- Some words in your own language
- What you think is important in life
- What your future plans are
- Your biggest wish
- A nice oneliner or poem
- Local travelling tips from your area
- Things you know about Dutch people or The Netherlands

We register all cards the day we receive them. If we didn't register your card, we haven't received it yet.

Thank you very much for sending us a postcard!

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