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About Zack...

Hello all.

I'm a travel and sports addict. Travel is always on my agenda and I'm always happy to receive recommendations. Bizarre and adventurous travel appreciated.

I am an avid geocacher and I have recently celebrated 2000 finds. If you have any geocaching recommendations I would be interested in hearing them.

I am eternally optimistic, positive thinking, free spirited and hairy.

Please feel free to send me a random card. Close your eyes and pick one.


As far as what to write on the card, I would be very interested in reading about the following:

* If I was to visit your hometown what would be the strangest thing to visit?
* Movie (your favourite and your least favourite)... I love cult movies.
* Song, singer or band

If you are really stuck..

* Tell me what you know about my hometown of Ottawa (if anything)



-->I prefer if the postcard is not sent in an envelope.
-->I register cards as soon as I receive them (part of my routine). Please do not send me messages asking me to register cards that I have not received.
-->Do not request private swaps. However I will tell you where I bought a certain card...
---> A big hug for Natascha. You go grrl!
---> R.I.P.
---> Banned


Sending you positive energy and happy vibes. :-)