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About Lena...

My name is Lena and I live Kiel in the north of Germany.
I'm interested in travelling, especialy to Sweden. I lived in Scotland for a year and worked with people with special needs.
I also like animals like cats, hedgehogs and meercats, anyway I like animals. I like sailing, what a wonder, I live directly next to the Baltic Sea...I also like gardening and flowers.
Please write something on the postcard, for example how you're feeling at the moment, it doesn't matter what you write just write something
I also like art and cartoons for example The little mole or Inge Löök.

I only like real postcards, I'll be happy with each picture, maybe the card shows something about your hometown, region, your hobby or other nice pictures.
Please note the date.
I really like birthday cards , christmas and easter cards, they should suit to the seasons ;)

A big hug

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