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Hello everybody!

My name is Sunjung and I was born in Suwon and it located approximately 30Km away from Seoul, where the capital of South Korea. My hometown has headquarter of "Samsung Electronics", 2002 World Cup Stadium and UNESCO world heritage "Suwon Hwaseong Fortress".

I studied economics in university but actually I don't like my major cause I'm such a slacker! :D I'm currently working at new renewable energy development company. I commuted from my hometown to Seoul 1 year and now I'm working at Mokpo since May 2017. It's 300km away from my hometown.

I like taking pictures and travelling. I've been to several countries so far.

Canada : I spent 6 months for studying English in Vancouver. It was my first time to abroad and definitely brilliant memory in my life! During the stay, I went to Victoria, Whistler, Kelowna and Banff

U.S.A : I spent 2 days in Seattle

Cuba : I spent 3 days in Varadero and 4 days in Havana

Germany : I spent 5 weeks in Germany. I went to Frankfurt am Main, Heidelburg, Ludwigsburg, Stuttgart, Tübingen, Würzburg, Nürnberg, München, Füssen, Zugspitze, Dresden, Berlin, Potsdam, Hamburg, Oldenburg, Bremen and Köln

Austria : I just spent few hours in Salzburg... :)

Czech Republic : I spent 3 days in Prague

Russia : I spent 4 days in Vladivostok, 4 days in Khabarovsk, 4 days in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and 4 days in Novosibirsk

Japan : I spent 2 days in Tsushima

When you write something on postcard, please don't write cursive cause it's very difficult to read. It really doesn't matter any kind of postcard but If you guys get a chance to select it, I prefer receive these kind of things.

- Aircraft (Modern civil aircraft or Military fighter jet)
- Airport
- Beautiful scenery or Stunning view
- Beer
- City
- Currency
- Erotic
- Military
- Modern art
- National flag
- Train

I really wanna travel around the world but unfortunately I can't afford it. Especially I wanna go to Latin America cause I made numerous friends from there when I was in Canada for studying English. So... If you guys send me postcard about beautiful scenery, it make me throw into ecstasy at the beauty of nature without doubt!

Thanks for read my introduction and I wish you guys all the best. Happy postcrossing!

P.S : If someone who wants swap, feel free to contact me.

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