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About Frechel...

I'm Jane from Philippines. I love writing, connecting with other people through postcards. I love written postcards and I enjoy receiving postcards and letters as I love sending one too. I also love to read novels and webtoon, I love watching movies and dramas all genre, depends on my mood.

Just for reference of what I like. I like postcards with
- landscapes from your city
- Historical buildings of your country
- landmarks
-Scenic views
-UNESCO World Heritage Sites
-Royal Families in Europe
-Blue Cats
-Classic and Victorian Art
- Christmas Vibe

But anything will do just fine. Love it no matter what it is :)
I just love reading messages, any life/ love/ scary stories you have, your fave quote, poems, notes or anything you want on my postcards :)
Also, please don't forget to write the date.

Have a great day :)

PS: If you have sent me postcard and have expired, please send me a message and I will register it.

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