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About Christa_Monika...

YEAH! Here are some facts about me:

My parents named me Christa Monika, I’m very happy with these names and I like roses, hydrangea flowers, blowballs, blooming poppies, watercolo(u)r paintings, paintings of city views and sights (look at DE-4802949, RU-4178770, RU-4404170 or DE-4797696), gastropod and mollusc shells, worms, Symphoricarpos albus, autmnal colo(u)rs, barefoot, paintings of reading women, colo(u)rful art (LEONID AFREMOV; especially I’m looking for postcards with the paintings “Wedding under the Rain” and “Rainy Wedding”), modern Russian art, gardens and parks, Vogue, leaves, misty landscapes, sea and beach, historical advertisements, stones, sunsets and sunrises, opened umbrellas, decorative windows, doors, books. In addition I just started to collect the chronicle cards (Chronikkarten) from Germany. The cards of my collection are listed at
You can also send me the “Greetings from” cards with the artful letters of U.S. states and cities (design of the Teich Company).
Typical tourist postcards, especially multiview, aren’t my favourites.

If it doesn’t increase the postage for you I’d like to receive a written card in an envelope.

In my spare time I sew little bags for cosmetics or cushion covers and I do handicrafts. Mostly I produce greeting cards using my extensive Stampin’ up equipment. On top of that I’m enthusiastic about gardening: A life without gardening is possible, but senseless (modification of a quotation from Loriot who said “A life without a pug-dog is possible, but senseless.“). I love to look at beautiful wild plants such as dandelions, thistles or stinging nettles. Some time ago I also discovered the crazy group that populates the German-speaking Postcrossing forum and since then I love to fool around with packi, egni and all the others. Feel invited to join us. :-) I regularly meet my friend Klothilde to browse catalogues.

I work at the district court (Landgericht) and do a lot of paperwork there. At home I have two cats called Furzdickie (male) and Tiffy (female). Furzdickie is always eager for cat treat. Therefore he is very fat. Tiffy often behaves like the queen of our household. Both of them love to sleep in my bed at night what means that there is not too much space left for the can opener. My favourite foods are lenses, purslane, polenta, glass noodles, linseed, parsnips, chard, oat milk and chervil.

Dr. Dieter Missmuth is my avatar, who makes me smile or even laugh whenever I look at him. I created him using an empty roll of toilet paper and other waste paper. He’s so great. :-) My fridge bears the GDR vehicle nationality plate. A little nostalgia for the utility room.

The gallery with my favourite postcards contains postcards I have already received as well as postcards I’d like to receive in the future.

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