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About Chewsia...

I love jogging, I run 100km per month.
I love challenge, I once dive under water without equipment near to 2 minutes.
I love reading, there is always a whisper sound ask me not to stop thinking..

If you are a bookworm, you could share me your favorite book, or the book that you think I might like. My type of favorite books are The Little Prince, Genesis, Brave New World, 1984, and Sophia's World.

If you are an explorer, tell me the most crazy thing you have done in your life. Human always need something to inspire ourselves, if someone can do it, so can I. Come on, inspire me!

If you are not a Chinese, you could try to challenge to write my name in Chinese!
Here is my name: "翠霞", yeah, I know it look encrypted for you haha.

You could also wrote me a quote that you like the most in both English and your language.
Or share me some positive energy by telling me the most happy moment in your life.

I love to receive creative postcard with beautiful stamps!
Something special, vintage, philosophical, alchemy, art, famous painting, cute, funny, flag, map, moon, Studio Ghibli, animal.. But no advertising or promotional postcards..
Oh ya, I love fox!

Appreciate if you could write the date on the postcard.
Looking forward to receiving from you!


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